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This package includes both required broker classes (Management and Law) as well as two electives (V&A and Finance) to satisfy the education requirement to become a broker.


Brokerage Management: Required course for broker’s license. Intended to help a person understand how to set up and run a real estate brokerage office and emphasizes the application of management techniques required for the brokerage operation- Includes Business Conduct and Office Operation class. 


8 AM-5 PM Mon-Wed, 8 AM-12 PM Thur

28 Hour Course


Real Estate Law: Required course for broker’s license. Intended to help the real estate professional understand the general principles of law governing real estate and how it works. 


8 AM-5 PM Thurs-Sun

30 Hour Course


Real Estate Valuation & Analysis: This course covers the appraisal profession, the appraisal process, building construction, site valuation, and the 3 approaches to value (cost approach, sales comparison approach, and income capitalization approach). 


8 AM-5 PM Mon & Tue, 8 AM-12 PM Wed

20 Hour Course


Broker Finance: Elective course for a broker’s license. Designed as an introduction to real estate financing and includes a study of the sources and application of funds, the financial instruments commonly used, institutional structures and policies, and loan processing. Each student must be familiar with a financial calculator prior to enrolling. 

8 AM-5 PM Mon & Tues, 8 AM-12 PM Wed

20 Hour Course


Please see our calendar to view all of our classes! (All specified times are in Mountain Time)

4 Broker Courses - Package

  • Refunds - Tuition refunds, less a $50 cancellation fee, will be given providing written notification is received.  All refunds will be issued within 10 business days. Lack of attendance will not constitute official course withdrawal and no refund will be made. 

  • Fee Includes: All Tuition, Textbooks, Materials, and Taxes

    ZOOM-Materials will be shipped ONLY to those living outside the Treasure Valley. Those in the Treasure Valley may pick up their materials at the school the week prior to class.

    IN-PERSON- Materials will be available 1st day of class